3G Sunset Support

Will 2G be shut down as well?

There are no current plans to shut down 2G as it is still able to support Digi users and M2M devices.

Will I be compensated for a new 4G device?

To prepare customers for a smooth transition, we are consistently rolling out new attractive deals and offers for 4G devices on our website.

What is 3G and 4G? What is the difference?

3G is the third generation of wireless telecommunication technology that uses a network of phone towers to pass signals over long distances.

4G, as the fourth generation of wireless telecommunication technology, builds upon what 3G offers but provides a more consistent and faster experience. Devices connected to a 4G mobile network will get a quicker response to a request than the same device connected to a 3G network, due to much lower latency.

How will the 3G shutdown affect me?

Once the 3G network is shut down, carriers will stop supporting the devices that are only 3G-compatible. If you are using such a device, it means those devices will no longer be able to experience seamless connectivity.

What happens if I do not upgrade to a new device? Can I continue to use my 3G device?

3G network will be shut down nationwide by all mobile service providers to ensure wider 4G coverage and better quality of experience for all. Hence, you will not be able to use the 3G network once it is fully shut down by the end of December 2021. You may experience service disruptions and network congestion on the 2G network if you maintain your 3G device. Check out our latest devices and offers, on the website, that can help you access faster and more consistent connectivity.

What is the 3G sunset?

As part of JENDELA, the national digital infrastructure plan, the 3G network is set to be shut down gradually nationwide to allow the transition to a future ready networks that can benefit the people and the nation.

Will I experience any service interruption?

Customers who are connected to 4G and 4G LTE will not experience any connectivity disruptions during the migration process.

Will I get bill discounts if I experience service disruptions on my 3G device after the 3G sunset?

While we will assist you as best possible through this transition, customers are responsible for device upgrades and we are unable to waive any bill charges.

Why is 3G sunsetting / shutting down / powering off / retiring?

Shutting down the 3G network is part of an initiative that all Malaysian telcos are working towards under JENDELA, to cater for rising demand for better quality connectivity. Doing so will free up more spectrum capacity to support higher traffic on the 4G network, resulting in better performance and quality of experience for all 4G users. This will enable telcos to cater for the rising demand for better quality connectivity.

How will I know if I am using a 3G-only device?

All 3G customers will be given prior notice ahead of the implementation of 3G shutdown through SMS, emails and other Digi platforms. You can also find out by checking your supported network or your device specifications in your device settings.

There is no 4G network coverage in my area, only 3G. How am I able to get connected if 3G network is shut down?

Under JENDELA, the industry is working towards stronger 4G connectivity nationwide and to ensure all Malaysians have more consistent internet access. Digi will work with the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and other industry partners to track the migration and better serve customers nationwide.

What are the benefits of 3G shutting down for the public?

Shutting down 3G network will allow telcos to re-farm the spectrum from 3G to 4G, which can boost 4G network speed, as the country’s JENDELA aspiration is to enable users to experience an average speed of up to 35 Mbps. This will help enhance the quality of service for mobile users to have greater experience in internet browsing, video streaming, gaming and other online services. Customers can notice improvements like:

-Higher data speeds

-Lower latency

-Better network reliability and stability

What should I do if I am currently on a 3G-only device?

Digi encourages customers to upgrade their devices to one that is 4G-compatible as early as possible to ensure continuous access to connectivity. Our website will be updated regularly for information on 4G and VoLTE capable devices and updates on our affordable 4G device offers.

When will the 3G shutdown take place?

All telco operators will gradually shut down its 3G network in phases throughout 2021, with the aim of achieving full shut down by 31 December 2021.

What is Digi doing to assist customers in the migration?

Digi is committed to ensuring a smooth migration for customers by providing timely communication. We will provide early notice to our subscribers through SMS alerts, emails, our website and other Digi platforms. There will be regular updates on affordable 4G device offers to help customers upgrade to a 4G and VoLTE-enabled devices. For more information, visit Digi’s JENDELA page or the Government’s JENDELA website.

Which locations will be affected?

3G networks will be gradually shut down across the whole nation by 31 December 2021. Customers will be given early notice to allow time for preparation to migrate to 4G.

Will I be automatically upgraded to 4G LTE option?

By default, consumers should be able to connect to a 4G network if the device is capable to do so based on its specification. However, if a user manually disables the 4G option in the phone setting, 4G connection will be disabled. To check if your SIM is 4G-friendly type LTE and SMS to 20000. Should you need a replacement, just visit your nearest Digi Store to upgrade your SIM now.

Why are we retiring 3G before 2G?

3G data users have declined significantly due to the smartphone migration to 4G, while a number of M2M and IoT devices such as security and health equipment still run on 2G. This makes it easier and more efficient to migrate 3G users rather than 2G users to a 4G network. 3G network will fully shut down by 31 December 2021.

Do I need to change my existing plan or switch to a 4G SIM card?

If your current devices are 4G ready, you may continue to enjoy the service without having to change plans or devices. You may switch to a new plan if you are signing up for a new device contract that comes with a plan upgrade. To check if your SIM is 4G-friendly type LTE and SMS to 20000. Should you need a replacement, just visit your nearest Digi Store to upgrade your SIM now.