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I don’t see the offers with 85% savings as advertised online

The ads highlights the biggest saving which can be up to 85% across all the offers available. These offers provide discount between 30% to 85%, which still allows you save on your favourite brands compared to normal selling price on the app or at the store.

Who can download this reward?

All Digi’s customers who are on the MyDigi App.

Where can I get this deal?

These deals are available on the MyDigi App under SHOP > More Savings

When does my reward expire?

All vouchers downloaded under this promotion will expire on 31 December 2020.

How many vouchers can I download?

Each user can buy a maximum of 1 voucher per reward within the promotion period.

I couldn’t purchase the voucher, they are out of stock

Depending on the brand, vouchers may run out of stock as they are limited and based on first come first serve basis. However, stocks are replenished on 12 December and 25 December for this campaign.

Is there a minimum purchase required in order for me to redeem?

Please refer to the terms and conditions stipulated in MyDigi SHOP for more information.

Where can I get the all new MyDigi app?

You can get the app by searching for MyDigi on Play Store or App Store.