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What are the changes on Standard Billing charges?

Effective 1 May 2017, there will be a monthly fee of RM5/month for paper bill statements to promote Deep Green with e-Bills.

Customers can opt for paperless e-Bills via MyDigi, whereby they can view and download their bills for FREE via

I’m an existing subscriber with an Itemised Bill subscription. Will there be any changes to my subscription fee?

Effective 1 March 2019, for itemised Bills there will be a monthly fee of RM10/month per line

What does Standard Billing consists of?

Standard Billing consists of your Account Summary and Details Of Charges only (No Itemised Billing).

Who will be charged for the New Standard Bill fee?

The new Standard Bill subscription fee will be applicable to all Digi’s Existing & New Mass Postpaid customers who subscribe for paper bills (i.e. Standard Bill only or with Itemised Billing).

Do I have an option not to receive/subscribe to any paper bill?

Yes, you can go paperless by changing your billing medium to either PDF or SMS Bill via MyDigi. You can then download your bill s via MyDigi for FREE.