Digital Direct Billing/ Pay with Digi Support

Will I get notifications after purchasing?

Yes, you will get an email notification to your Google mail ID, and the app purchased will appear under the My Apps section of Google Play™ Store.

What is Google Play™ Store?

Google Play™ Store is a store for all Android™ apps and games, available on the web and anywhere you go. There are over 1,000,000 apps that you can select and from. They are categorized under various categories such as Games, Apps, Books, etc.

Can I get details of all the purchases I made in Google Play™?

You will receive notification or confirmation from Google via email on purchases made in Google Play™ Store. These notifications are sent to you in real-time after your purchase. A detailed history of your transactions on Google Play™ is also available on your Google Wallet page.

Are all the apps in Google Play™ Store chargeable?

No, most of the apps are free to download. However, some apps require purchase or on a Freemium basis. Freemium means the apps are free to download but have in-app purchases. In-app purchases are credits/points that you need to buy while going through the application, mostly applicable in games.

What happens to my purchased / downloaded apps when I switch to a new Android™ device?

As long as you are using the same Google account, the apps that you have purchased/downloaded will be detected, and you will be able to re-install without purchasing again.

What is Direct Billing for Google Play™?

You can now securely purchase apps in Google Play™ Store (or in-app) and pay via Digi. No credit card is required!

What if I want to cancel my purchase?

You can cancel the purchase as long as it is within the Google refund policy window (2 hours). From Google Play™ Store, select the purchased app, and you will see the option to Refund.

Who is this Google Play™ Direct Billing applicable for?

This is applicable for Digi Prepaid and Digi Postpaid mobile customers.

I want to find out more about purchases on Google Play™. Where can I look for information?

You can refer to:

  1. Google Wallet page– to view transactions, manage payment methods and accounts.
  2. Google Refunds and Returns section – helpful information and how-tos.
  3. Google Refund policies– policies related to refunds for various Google Play contents.
How do I set it up?

Just follow the simple steps below for a one-time setup.
Step 1: From the app, you want to purchase, click on the price button.
Step 2: Accept the access condition.
Step 3: Click CONTINUE to set up Payment Method.
Step 4: Select Enable Digi billing.
Step 5: Enter your name and address – for billing reference.
Step 6: Select BUY to proceed with the purchase with Digi billing.
Step 7: Enter your Google password and select CONFIRM.

What is the purchase limit / maximum amount that can be charged to my Digi bill?
TenureDaily Spend Limit for Postpaid (RM)Monthly Spend Limit for Postpaid (RM)Daily Spend Limit for Prepaid (RM)Monthly Spend Limit for Prepaid (RM)
Less than 30 days0501,00025,000
30 days and above1,0001,0001,00025,000



  • A maximum of RM500 can be used in a single transaction.
  • Daily Spend Limit will be refreshed after 12:00 am the next day.
  • Monthly Spend Limit will be refreshed on the next calendar month for Digi Prepaid customers and refreshed on the next bill cycle for Digi Postpaid customers.
How will the charges be reflected for Prepaid and Postpaid?

For Digi Prepaid customers, purchases will be taken from your credit – please ensure you have sufficient credit. Purchases for Digi Postpaid customers will be billed in the next bill cycle.