#Jom Fibre Support

Who is eligible to subscribe to Digi Fibre 150, Digi Fibre 190, Digi Fibre 270, and Digi Fibre 290 plans with the RM20 lifetime rebate?

Customers with Digi Postpaid 60 and above are entitled (customer must have an eligible postpaid line activated upon Digi Fibre sign-up).

Why can’t I subscribe to the said Digi Fibre plans with the RM20 lifetime rebate at my address?

This offer is only applicable to selected areas within Digi Fibre coverage.

What will happen to the RM20 lifetime rebate if I terminate or downgrade my Postpaid plan to a plan less than Digi Postpaid 60?

You will no longer be able to enjoy the RM20 lifetime rebate.