MY Digital SME Roadshow Support

Can KryptoPOS support my business ?

KryptoPOS is designed to support multiple business types ranging from food trucks, Quick Serve Restaurants & Cafes, Full-Fledged F&B outlets with table service, Retailers & Boutiques, as well as Service type business.

What is the monthly commitment for the POS?

There is no monthly commitment required for the cloud POS. In the future, there may be add-on modules (accounting software linkage, advance inventory management, etc.) which may require commitment.

Do I need an Internet Connection to use KryptoPOS?

A working Internet connection is required for the syncing of data between the KryptoPOS app and the cloud-based KryptoPOS Hub. The types of data include product details, transaction & payment. You will not be able to view your transactions in real-time on the KryptoPOS app without a working Internet connection. However, KryptoPOS supports Offline Mode operations so that you can still continue to transact even when your Internet connection is offline. Your sales data is kept locally on the KryptoPOS app until a working Internet connection is available again. 

How many SKUs/items can I add to the POS?

There is no limit to the number or SKUs/items that you can add to the POS.

What hardware is required to run the POS?

Minimum requirement is iPad Air 2. You may re-use current POS hardware like cash drawer and receipt printer. The price of a full KryptoPOS package is RM3,299.

I already have the required hardware items to operate KryptoPOS? Do I still need to purchase new hardware?

Absolutely Not. The purchase of KryptoPOS hardware is entirely optional, and is only required if you do not currently have the required hardware items to use KryptoPOS.
Should you be already using an existing iPad Cloud POS system with the same hardware items, you will just need to register for a KryptoPOS software account, which is available FREE for Digi customers.