Digi Postpaid Support

I am a foreigner. Can I subscribe to this Pakej PowerJimat?​

Yes, a deposit of RM500 is applicable.​

What is the contract period for Pakej PowerJimat?​

The Pakej PowerJimat comes with 12 months contract.

Do I have to make an advance payment when I purchase this Pakej PowerJimat?​

Yes, a plan advance payment (depending on the device model) will be required for this device bundle contract subscription. Nevertheless, the device advance payment will be rebated to your bill over the contract period.

Where can I sign up for the Pakej PowerJimat?​

You can sign the Pakej PowerJimat at any participating Digi Store, Digi Store Express, Digi Dealer or Digi Online Stores.

Will there be a penalty if I terminate within my contract period?​

Yes, a penalty for pre-mature termination is applicable.

Who is eligible to sign up for this Pakej PowerJimat?​

This offer is applicable to new line registrations, port-ins, prepaid to postpaid conversions and existing Postpaid change of plan.

I am an existing Digi Postpaid subscriber, am I eligible for this Pakej PowerJimat?​

Yes, you can subscribe to Pakej PowerJimat however do note only 1 NRIC can sign up to 1 (one) Pakej PowerJimat contract Digi Postpaid 60.

I am currently subscribed to another mobile operator. Can I switch to Digi by subscribing to this Pakej PowerJimat and without changing my current number?​

Yes, you can switch to Digi by subscribing to this Pakej PowerJimat and keep your current number.​

I am a Digi Prepaid subscriber. Can I subscribe to this device Pakej PowerJimat without change my number?​

Yes, you can convert from Digi Prepaid to Digi Postpaid without changing your number. Do note that a minimum tenure of 60 days with Digi Prepaid is required for sign-up via Digi Store Online.​

If I convert my Digi Prepaid to this device Pakej PowerJimat, will my prepaid credit be carried forward?​

Yes, your prepaid credit (up to a maximum of RM100) will be carried forward and used to cover your bill for the upcoming months.​