Talktime Services Support

Who can I contact for more information on this service?

You may SMS TN HELP or TN BANTU to 2000 at no charge or contact Digi Customer Service at +6016 221 1800.

What is Talktime Transfer™ International?

Talktime Transfer™ International allows you to give Prepaid credit to other Prepaid Mobile network operators overseas (selected networks only).

Note: Only selected rate plans can perform Talktime Transfer. For example, Digi Smart Prepaid is not allowed to perform Talktime Transfer International service.

Can I choose to transfer a different amount of credit apart from the denominations listed under Talktime Transfer™ International?

No. You can only choose from one of the Talktime Transfer™ International denominations offered by Digi.



What is the minimum balance required in my Prepaid account if I want to transfer credit via Talktime Transfer™ International?

You can transfer credit via Talktime Transfer™ International as long as you have enough credit to cover the amount that you wish to transfer.

How much credit can I transfer?

You can transfer up to RM200 each month.

How much will I be charged for every transfer I make via Talktime Transfer™ International?

Nothing. Only the amount that you wish to transfer will be deducted from your account. There are no other surcharges for credit transfers made via Talktime Transfer™ International.

Will the person I'm transferring credit receive the transfer in Malaysian Ringgit (RM) or in the country’s currency that they are in?

The credit that you send them will be converted to the local currency of the country that they are in.


You transfer RM7 to a friend in Indonesia. They will receive Rp10,000 of credit.

How will I know if the transfer I made via Talktime Transfer™ International was successful?

You will receive a confirmation SMS once the credit you are transferring is received by the person you are sending it to. 

The SMS will display the credit deducted from your account (in RM) and the amount of credit received by the person you sent the credit to (in foreign currency).

How will the person I'm sending credit know when the transfer has been successfully made?

They will receive an SMS notification detailing how much credit (in foreign currency ) was transferred and which Digi Prepaid™ mobile number the credit was sent from.