Digital Direct Billing/ Pay with Digi Support

The website prompted me insufficient balance error when I try to purchase. What should I do?

Please make sure you have enough Prepaid balance when you wish to perform any Pay with Digi transactions. Reload using MyDigi to increase your prepaid balance.

What is Pay with Digi, and how it works?

Pay with Digi offers an easy and secure way to pay for Digital Content without a credit card or bank account by charging those purchases or subscriptions to your Digi Postpaid bill or Digi Prepaid balance through carrier billing.

Why do my transactions fail?

There may be many reasons why your transactions had failed; please make sure:

  1. Your mobile phone is active with sufficient balance or without an outstanding Postpaid bill.
  2. Do not spend over Daily Spend Limit and Month Spend Limit.

If you still cannot purchase your desired Digital Content with Pay with Digi, kindly reach out to Digi Customer Centre at 0162211800.

Who can use Pay with Digi?

Pay with Digi is available to Digi Postpaid and Prepaid customers.

I need further assistance; who should I reach out to?

Kindly call Digi Customer Centre at 0162211800.

How to make a purchase with Pay with Digi?
  1. Visit Partners’ website or application.
  2. Select the product or package that you wish to purchase or subscribe.
  3. Select Digi as your payment method.
  4. Enter your mobile number.
  5. Authorize transaction with on-screen instructions.
  6. Your transaction is successful! Please enjoy!
What is the purchase limit / maximum amount I can use when I Pay with Digi?

Please refer to the table below to know the available daily and monthly spend limit.

TenureDaily Spend Limit for Postpaid (RM)Monthly Spend Limit for Postpaid (RM)Daily Spend Limit for Prepaid (RM)Monthly Spend Limit for Prepaid (RM)
Less than 30 days005001,000
30 days and above5001,0005001,000



  • A maximum of RM500 can be used in a single transaction.
  • Daily and Monthly Spend limit does not apply to Apple & Google Carrier Billing. Please refer to Apple & Google Play Carrier Billing FAQ for more details.
  • Daily Spend Limit will be refreshed after 12:00 am the next day.
  • Monthly Spend Limit will be refreshed on the next calendar month for Digi Prepaid customers and refreshed on the next bill cycle for Digi Postpaid customers.
I am a Digi Fibre or Broadband customer; can I use Pay with Digi?

Unfortunately, no. Pay with Digi is only available to Digi Postpaid and Prepaid customers.

Are Pay with Digi transactions refundable?

No, Pay with Digi transactions are not refundable.

Can I purchase use Pay with Digi to purchase for other people?

No, Pay with Digi transactions are not transferable.