Roaming Support

What does the 7 Days Pass (Europe) offer?

You will get 2GB for RM50 which can be used in selected participating countries within the 7 days (168 hours validity).

What are the participating countries for the 7 Days Pass (Europe)?

Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Poland, Romania, and Slovak Republic

What will happen if I have purchased the 7 Days Pass (Europe) and I travel to one of the non-participating countries within the 7 days validity?

The 7 Days Pass (Europe) is only valid in the selected participating countries, any usage outside the participating countries will be charged as per standard roaming rates.

Can I select my days of use?

Once you’ve purchased the 7 Days Pass (Europe), it is valid immediately for 168 hours (7 days x 24 hours). For example, if you purchase a 7 Days Pass (Europe) on Saturday (1st Oct 2019) 10.00 am, your 7 Days Pass (Europe) will be activated immediately and be valid till next Saturday (8th Oct 2019) 9.59 am.

Do I need to do any network selection after the purchase of the 7 Days Pass (Europe), to enjoy roaming services?

No, there’s no network selection needed.