eBelia Reload & Win Campaign Support

How do I check the Free Credit?

Go to the MyDigi app > Usage > Others > View details to check the Free Credit balance.

I did not receive my Credits. Who should I call?

You may contact Digi Hotline at 016-2211800.

Who is eligible for this Campaign?

This Campaign is open to all Digi subscribers who have:

  1. Subscribed to any Digi Prepaid voice rate plan (except DG Prepaid Smart Plan v1 and Digi Prepaid Broadband subscribers)
  2. Performed Digi Prepaid mobile reload via Digi website at www.digi.my/tng or MyDigi Application, and made payment using TNG eWallet.
  3. Successful eBelia claimants on TNG eWallet who are eligible to win the additional RM50 credit.
What happens to the Free Credit if I change my Prepaid rate plan?

Free credit that you enjoy earlier cannot be used under the new rate plan. Any Free Credit will be forfeited as soon as the rate plan is changed.

What can I do with the Free Credit?

You can use the Free Credit of 5% (with a top-up value of RM10 and RM15) and 10% (with a top up value of RM30, RM50 and RM100) for voice calls (excluding Premium calls to 1051, 1800,1300), SMS, MMS, IDD and Internet except for Talktime Extend, Talktime Transfer, International TalktimeTransfer, Digi Direct Billing (purchases from Google Play, App Store, Apple Music, iTunes etc.), roaming services and renewal charges.

I am a broadband user; am I eligible to receive the Free Credit too?

No, this promotion is only applicable for Digi Prepaid voice rate plan subscribers.

How long is the usage validity of my Free credit?

Free credit is only valid for 3 days after reloading.

Am I eligible to win the extra RM50 credit?

Successful eBelia claimants on TNG eWallet, who have performed Digi Prepaid mobile reload transaction with value of RM30 and above using TNG eWallet on www.digi.my/tng or MyDigi app will be eligible to win additional RM50 credit.

Can I accumulate Free Credit by reloading multiple times?

Yes, you can accumulate Free Credit by reloading multiple times. However, the Free Credit you collected each time will have 3 days of usage validity after reloading.

How are the winners of the RM50 credit chosen?

Every 500th eligible subscriber with a successful Digi Prepaid mobile reloads transaction value of RM30 and above using “TNG eWallet” and a successful eBelia claimant on “TNG eWallet” will win RM50 credit.

Can I increase the validity of my Free Credit by reloading within the validity period?

No, the usage validity is only for 3 days.

What can I do with the extra RM50 credit won?

The extra RM50 credit won by winners in this Campaign can only be used to purchase Internet Passes.

Are all reloading methods in MyDigi eligible to receive Free Credit?

The offer is only available for online reload via the MyDigi app or web and not applicable for reloads via a coupon or the *116# Internet menu.

How long is the usage validity of the additional RM50 credit?

Additional RM50 credit is valid for 30 days.

How will I know that I am eligible for the Free Credit?

Upon your successful reload via the MyDigi app or web, you will receive an SMS to notify you that you have received Free Credit.

When will I know whether I have won the additional RM50 credit?

Winners will be notified via SMS by 24 August 2021. The additional RM50 credit will be available in their prepaid credit balance by 30 August 2021.