Omni Support

Can I receive a fax on my Omni number?

All Omni numbers are fax enabled and you can use the Omni number as your fax number. All faxes will be delivered in a .pdf format. It will be available on the Omni Dashboard “Activity” page and via email.

How to download my faxes?

Your faxes can be downloaded via email and viewed on the Omni Dashboard “Activity” page. You can set the email notifications in your Omni Dashboard under the tab “Account”.

Can I send a fax from my Omni number?

No, you will not able to send out a fax from your Omni number.

Can I connect my Omni number to an IP Desk Phone?

No, Omni cannot be connected to an IP desk phone at this moment.

What do I do if my activities on the Omni app is not synced to the Omni Dashboard?

Please contact Omni at for assistance.