Internet Support

How long do I have to stay with Digi and continue my Internet subscription to get up to 6GB extra Internet?

Extra Internet will be automatically unlocked when you reach the required number of months with Digi and when you have purchased the auto-renew Internet plans that are RM28 and higher or Cili Padi XL.

Please refer to the table below for the tenure requirements:

Stay with Digi forExtra Internet
1 month500MB
2 month1GB
3 months to 6 months2GB
7 months to 12 months2GB 3GB*
13 months to 23 months2GB 4GB*
24 months and above2GB 6GB*

*Limited Time Promo until further notice

Who is eligible for the extra quota?

All Digi Mobile Prepaid customers that meet the tenure criteria and renew their auto-renew Internet plans (which should be of RM28 and higher or Cili Padi XL plans) on time will be eligible for the extra quota.

How do I redeem the Extra Internet?

Once you’ve met the criteria, you’ll receive a message in your MyDigi App’s Inbox. Go to MyDigi App > My Inbox and select the message to redeem the Extra Internet. Alternatively you may dial *888*1#

Do I need to pay for the extra quota?

No, it is free and you do not need to pay for it.

How do I check the balance and expiry of the extra quota?

You can check the balance and expiry of the extra quota via MyDigi app.

Can I still redeem the extra quota while my previous extra quota is still valid?

Yes, you will be able to redeem the extra quota, however, the quota of the earlier redemption (if there is any) will be replaced by the latest redemption.

I have not met the tenure criteria with Digi, how can I be eligible for the extra quota?

Stay on and you will be eligible for the extra quota for your next subscription or renewal of the Internet plan, after you have met the tenure requirement.

What is the end date of this promotion?

This promotion is available until further notice.

What is Extra Internet?

Extra Internet is an Internet quota that is given for free to all eligible subscribers.