Broadband Support

How do I check my credit balance?

Please log in to MyDigi to check your credit balance or alternatively, dial *126#.

How do I subscribe to Digi Prepaid Broadband plans?

To subscribe to your preferred Prepaid Broadband plans, please visit our Prepaid Broadband product page.

How do I perform a reload?

Please log in to MyDigi to perform a reload or alternatively, dial *128# and select Reload.

Do I need to perform reload to keep my account active to enjoy internet?

No, your prepaid account will be active as long as you have an active Broadband plan. You will not experience any interruption in using internet due to account balance.

I am an existing Digi Prepaid Broadband subscriber, can I switch my line to the new Digi Prepaid Broadband and maintain my current mobile number (change of plan)?

No, currently change of plan from existing Digi Prepaid Broadband to new Digi Prepaid Broadband is not allowed.

Will my Prepaid Broadband plan auto renew every month?

Yes, your plan will be automatically renewed as long as you have sufficient credit at the end of your 30 days validity.

I am a Digi Prepaid Broadband RM30/RM60 subscriber, can I change my plan to Digi Postpaid Broadband RM60/RM100 (Prepaid to Postpaid conversion)?

Yes, you may perform Prepaid to Postpaid conversion within the new Digi Broadband plans.

If I am already subscribed to Monthly Broadband RM30 do I need to unsubscribe before subscribing to Monthly Broadband RM60?

No, you don’t need to unsubscribe from Monthly Broadband RM30, just sign up for Monthly Broadband RM60 to change your internet plan. Please visit the nearest Digi Store to upgrade your plan.

I am not a Digi subscriber, can I switch to Digi Prepaid Broadband and maintain my current mobile number (Mobile Number Portability – MNP)?

No, MNP is not allowed for Digi Prepaid Broadband. Please purchase a new plan to use Digi Prepaid Broadband.

How much is the Digi Prepaid Broadband Pack?

This pack costs RM38.

What do you mean by Streaming quota? Can I use this quota to surf Facebook?

Streaming quota only allows you to stream using the partner services below:

VideoYouTube, YouTube Gaming, YouTube Kids, Dailymotion, Netflix, iflix, Astro Go, HeroTalkies, Viu, PlayTV UniFi, tonton, dimsum,
MusicEra FM, Fly FM, Hot FM, Kool FM, One FM, THR Raaga, THR Gegar, Hitz.FM, Lite FM, Melody FM, Mix FM, MY FM, Sinar FM, BFM, Spotify, Deezer, Joox, Kkbox, Apple Music, , Tidal, Raku, Saavn, Hungama, BE-AT TV, SoundHound, Radio2008
How much preloaded credit comes with this pack?

RM30 credit is preloaded with each pack and is valid for 30 days.

How do I activate the Digi Prepaid Broadband pack?

Put the SIM card into your device and start using internet.