Raja Kombo Support

What is Always Active?

Always Active means that your main line validity will always be extended to match the subscription validity of your plan. For example, if your account validity expires tomorrow but you subscribe to a Monthly Active Plan today, your account validity will be extended by 30 days instead of tomorrow. 

All Monthly Active Plans and On-Demand Internet Passes support Always Active.

For example:

What types of validity are there for a Prepaid Plan?

There are 2 types of validity - Line Validity & Internet Validity.

How does Internet control the validity of my Digi Prepaid Raja Kombo?

For Digi Prepaid Raja Kombo, all Internet purchases now come with Always Active, which means that Internet purchases will now extend both your Line and Internet Validity.

Can I perform a reload to extend my Line Validity?

Yes, reload can be performed to extend your Line Validity.

If I have enough balance, can I use my balance to buy Internet and extend my Line Validity?

Yes, you can buy Internet and extend your Line Validity if you have sufficient balance. If your status is in R1 (barred), you can buy your preferred monthly Internet Plan via UMB *128#.

Can Monthly Active Plan extend my Line and Internet Validity?

Yes, Monthly Active Plan comes with Always Active and can extend both Line & Internet Validity.

Can On-Demand Internet extend my Line Validity?

Yes, On-Demand Internet now comes with Always Active and can extend both Line & Internet Validity.

Can Monthly Plan Booster extend my Line Validity?

No, Monthly Plan Booster follows the expiry date of your Monthly Active Plan.