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Who is eligible for the Free MobiFi offer?

All customers under a Postpaid Principal Plan (Mobile or Broadband) who sign-up for either Digi Broadband Monthly 65 (Supp) or Digi Broadband Monthly 105 (Supp) during the promotion period will be eligible for a free MobiFi.

Where can I sign up for the RM240 rebate offer?

Just walk into any Digi outlets or authorised dealer store by 17 February 2021 to sign-up for this offer.

What MobiFi devices are included in this promotion?

Both TP-Link M7350 (while stocks last) and the latest Digi MobiFi Huawei E5577-321 are included in this Free MobiFi promotion.

Does this offer apply to all Postpaid Broadband plans?

No, this offer is only applicable to customers who sign-up for Digi Broadband Monthly 45, 65 & 105 principal and supplementary plans by 17 February 2021.

Is there a contract period included with the Free MobiFi offer?

Yes, you will be under a 12 months contract.

How long can I enjoy this offer rebate on my Postpaid Broadband plan?

If you sign-up by 17 February 2021, the RM240 savings will be rebated at RM20 x 12 months via your Digi bill when you stay on the plan.

What if I’ve already signed up to Digi Monthly Broadband 65 (Supp) or Digi Monthly Broadband 105 (Supp), will I be eligible for a Free MobiFi?

If you’re already under a contract, you will not be eligible for the Free MobiFi. However, if you’re not under a contract, you can get the Free MobiFi by signing up for a 12 months contract.

Do I have to pay any plan advance payment when I sign-up?

Yes, a plan advance payment of 1 month is applicable for all new sign-ups.

If I terminate my Free MobiFi contract within the contract period, how much do I need to pay as early termination charges?

The early termination charges are as below:

Rate PlanContract PeriodPenalty Charges

Broadband Monthly 65 (Supp)

Broadband Monthly 105 (Supp)

12 months

Flat fee of RM200 (administrative



RM9 x Remaining months

Will I be tied to a contract with this RM240 rebate offer?

No, there is no contract.

Can I sign up for auto-billing and enjoy the 5% discount off my total monthly bill for 6 months?

Yes, customers can enjoy the 5% discount off their monthly bill for 6 months when they sign-up for auto-billing for the first time with any Visa/ Mastercard / Amex.

New customers who sign-up with a Mastercard are eligible for RM50 Digi Store Online voucher, during the Mastercard campaign period that ends at 11:59 p.m. on 28 February 2021.

Can I sign up for a device contract using this rebate?

Yes, you can still enjoy this rebate if you sign up for a device contract. Check out the devices with plans here:

Huawei E5577-321 (LTE)
Huawei E5785 (LTE-A)
TP-Link MR200