Digi Internet Freedom (Before 23 Feb) Support

Do I get to enjoy an additional 12-months of premium access to Viu on Digi if I upgrade from Digi Internet Freedom 130 to Digi Internet Freedom 290 plan?

The relevant offer is only available upon registration.

What is Viu?

A premium video on demand application offering you exclusive access to the latest premium Asian content, anytime anywhere. Binge watch the best and latest Asian entertainment: Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Malay, Thai, Hindi & more! Enjoy 17,000 hours of romantic comedies, mystery, thriller, action & more. Indulge yourself with our wide range of content filled with captivating storylines and star-studded casts. Start streaming now!

What happens to my Viu subscription after 12-months or 24-months?

Your Viu subscription will be automatically renewed at RM5/month. To manage your subscription, please visit https://www.easyadd.my.

How many devices can I stream at once?

You can connect up to a MAXIMUM of 5 devices per Viu account. Download Viu app on App Store or Google Play Store. Create an account and profile, then log in using the same account credentials across various devices and stream concurrently.

Will I be notified at the end of the offer period?

Yes, you will be notified by Digi via SMS and email to either continue or terminate your subscription.

Am I eligible for the 12-months or 24-months of Viu included in my plan?

If you meet the following criteria, you are eligible:

  1. You have a minimum 1 Digi Postpaid 60 and above plan and
  2. You are subscribed to Digi Internet Freedom 130, Digi Internet Freedom 190, Digi Internet Freedom 270 or Digi Internet Freedom 290 plan
  3. Meet both requirements above at the point of Internet Freedom plan registration
What happens to my Viu account if I terminate my Digi Internet Freedom plan within the contract period?

Your Viu account will be terminated automatically.

What are the devices that I can use to stream videos on Viu?

You can stream videos through multiple devices: 1. Android and iOS apps 2. Desktop / Laptop browser 3. Mobile Browser.

How can I redeem and activate the 12-months or 24-months of Viu offer through my postpaid plan?

After the successful installation of Digi Internet Freedom, you will receive a welcome email with an activation link provided. Here are the specific steps to activate your account and start streaming!

For New Customer:

New Customer: 12 Months


New User: 24 Months


For Customer Who Has Active Viu

Subscription purchased through EasyAdd:

Existing Customer: 12 Months


Existing Customer: 24 Months


What if I fail to redeem the 12-months or 24-months of Viu included in my plan?

You will need to restart the redemption process. Please refer to your welcome email and click on the redemption link. You may contact our Digi customer service at 0162211800 for further assistance.

What if I already have an existing Viu account? Can I offset it against the 12-months or 24-months of Viu subscription that Digi is providing?

Subscription update to the FREE offer is only applicable for users who subscribed to Viu via EasyAdd (RM5). For users who subscribed to Viu directly from Viu via mobile billing, please cancel your subscription on the Viu app. You will only be able to subscribe to the FREE 12- or 24-months offer after your existing subscription period ends.