MyDigi App Support

How much can I donate?

There are several fixed denominations to choose from - RM2, RM5, RM10, RM 20 per transaction/purchase of donation pass.

How will I know the total donation that has been collected?

You may track the total amount of the donation collected through the Campaign website here: The amount shall be updated periodically.

What is this Campaign about?

An initiative for our customers to connect and fundraise in support of the Covid-19 pandemic in Malaysia.

What is the limit?

Each transaction is capped to the selected denomination as above. You can choose to donate only 1 time for each of the denomination values. Please repeat the transactions as per steps 2-6 above and choose a different denomination, should you wish to donate more.

What is Digi’s contribution to this Campaign?

Digi has committed to RM 1,000,000 monetary contribution towards this campaign.

We would now like to extend this opportunity to our customers to participate and contribute to the cause in an easy and secure manner.

Can I donate if I’m a non-Digi customer?

No, you cannot donate as you are required to be a registered Digi user and transact through the MyDigi mobile application. Nevertheless, you can contribute by sharing this Campaign to your family and friends.

What would the contributions be used for?

100% of the donations will go into supporting the efforts by the Ministry of Health of Malaysia (MOH) in addressing the Covid-19 pandemic. Amongst others, the donations collected will be used to purchase medical equipment, personal protective equipment (PPE) and other supplies to be provided to the hospitals across Malaysia.

Is this open for both Digi Prepaid and Digi Postpaid customers?


Who are the parties involved?

We are working with the GLC Disaster Network (GDRN)* coalition supporting MOH. The GDRN comprises several Government-linked companies (GLCs), their foundations, and other corporate entities joining hands in support of social and humanitarian causes. Pharmaniaga has been appointed to manage procurement, warehousing, handling, distribution and fulfilment of medical supplies to the Malaysian public hospitals as required and subject to the instructions directed by MOH.

*The GLC Disaster Relief Network (GDRN) was created in 2013 through the Putrajaya Committee for GLC High Performance (“PCG”) with Khazanah Nasional as its Secretariat. The network was successfully deployed between 2013 and 2016 in various relief and reconstruction work, especially in the big floods in Kelantan, Pahang, and Johor, amongst others where GLCs contributions were well-coordinated and deployed. Since 2014, the GDRN is headed by Yayasan Hasanah with Telekom Malaysia as the Secretariat. The latest initiative is the GLC Disaster Relief Network (GDRN) Collective Contribution to Ministry of Health for COVID-19. Latest developments are available at and

What is the payment mode for this Campaign?

For Digi Postpaid customers, all transactions made shall be reflected in your current/next billing cycle. For Digi Prepaid customers, the transacted amount shall be deducted immediately from your available credit.

How long would the Campaign run for?

The campaign will run for 1 month, from 21 April - 20 May 2020 and the decision to extend will depend on the COVID-19 situation in Malaysia. We are monitoring the situation closely and taking guidance from the relevant authorities. We shall update the public on any changes.

Can I request for cancellation of the transaction?

All transacted amounts are non-reversible and non-refundable. We advise you to read through this FAQ and the terms and conditions of the Campaign carefully prior to purchasing the donation pass.

What is the frequency of distributing the donations collected to the necessary parties?

We aim to pay out the donations collected in a timely and periodical manner, depending on the donation traction and urgency of supplies required by MOH.

Will I be tax exempted for my donation?

No, as you are donating through a Digi platform, and we are not a registered entity to issue tax-exempt receipts.

How can I donate?

You may donate through the MyDigi mobile application. Follow the simple steps mentioned below here to donate:

  1. Launch the MyDigi mobile application. Please download it from the Apple Store or Play  Store if you don’t have it. 
  2. Click on Yellow Heart COVID-19 Aid Campaign Card (Donation Pass for COVID-19)
  3. Select the required denomination: RM2 / RM5 / RM10 / RM20
  4. Click Purchase
  5. Get confirmation on successful transaction
  6. Donation Pass will be reflected in your MyRewards Bag
Is my donation made known to the public?

To ensure data privacy compliance of our customers, we will not share any individual details to external parties without seeking prior consent. We will only share the details of the total donations accumulated through the Campaign from time to time.