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What happens if I have a balance of Internet quota that is more than the maximum allowable limit to be rolled over?

Any extra Internet quota more than the allowable limit will be forfeited.

What is Internet Rollover?

You will get to automatically rollover unutilized Internet quota to the next bill cycle.

Which plans are eligible for the Internet Rollover feature?

All sign ups on Digi Postpaid plans are automatically eligible for the Internet Rollover feature at no additional cost.

How do I sign up for the Internet Rollover feature?

As long you sign up on the eligible Digi Postpaid plans, this feature will be available to you automatically. No sign-up is required.

How can I check how much Internet quota was rolled over from my previous month?

The amount of Internet quota rolled over will be reflected in MyDigi or you may dial *200*1# to check.

How many times can I rollover my unutilized Internet quota?

Your unutilized Internet quota will be automatically rolled over to the next bill cycle, once every bill cycle only (provided you stay active on the same plan).

When do I lose my Internet Rollover quota?

Internet Rollover quota expires after one bill cycle, when you change your plan, or when you terminate your line.

Internet Rollover quota expires when I change my plan. Does that apply to signing up or removing devices from my rate plan?

No, signing up for a device bundle contract or terminating your device contract to/from your existing Digi Postpaid plans does not affect rollover Internet quota.