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Will I be notified if my Digi Music Freedom usage or validity is expiring?

You will be notified via SMS if your Digi Music Freedom usage or validity is about to expire and when it has expired. Once it has expired, you can re-active your Digi Music Freedom pass on the MyDigi app.

What is Digi Music Freedom?

Digi Music Freedom is an Internet Pass that allows you to stream music from your favourite music streaming apps without Internet charges. This means that music streaming usage will NOT deduct your Internet quota.

Who can enjoy Digi Music Freedom?

All Digi customers with an active Internet plan and a minimum tenure of 6 months with Digi can enjoy Digi Music Freedom for FREE. Alternatively, all Digi Prepaid and Postpaid customers can purchase the Digi Unlimited Video and Music Freedom pass at RM5 per day.

How do I activate Digi Music Freedom?

Eligible Digi customers can activate Digi Music Freedom pass for FREE via the MyDigi app under "Add Ons". Alternatively, eligible customers may also choose to purchase the Digi Unlimited Video and Music Freedom pass via the MyDigi app as well.

What are the music apps that I can enjoy with Digi Music Freedom?

You can enjoy streaming up to 18 music apps, including Spotify, Joox, Smule, Syok and more! You can view the full list of our partners here. We are continuously working to include great music apps into our Digi Music Freedom family, so stay tune for more updates.

How much quota do I get with Digi Music Freedom?

For the Digi Music Freedom pass, users can stream from any of our partner music streaming apps up to 5GB quota for FREE every 30 days.
For the Unlimited Video and Music Freedom pass – There is no cap. However, please note that high speed streaming is up to 20GB (based on Fair Usage Policy), throttled thereafter.

How many times can I activate Digi Music Freedom?

You need to activate once every 30 days on the MyDigi app under "Add Ons".

What happens if I run out of quota before 30 days?

Usage on partner music streaming apps will consume your base Internet quota. Digi Postpaid and Prepaid customers will have options to purchase additional Internet quota from the MyDigi app – please refer to the Digi Postpaid and Digi Prepaid product pages for more details.

How can I check my data usage for Digi Music Freedom?

You may check your balance quota and expiry date via the MyDigi app.