Postpaid Support

Tax Relief

MyDigi will store copies of your previous bill statements from up to the last 6 months. For bill statements older than 6 months, you will need to contact the Digi Helpline via Live Chat, e-mail, phone or just walk into any Digi Store. An administration fee will be incurred for such a request. Customers are advised to store their monthly bills regularly to avoid this administration fee. Annual Bill Statements, which list the monthly bill amount in a single PDF document, are available for downloads to non-corporate customers only.

Effective from the year of assessment 2017 (tax filing in 2018), individual taxpayers can enjoy a new Lifestyle Tax Relief with an annual limit of RM2,500. It covers purchase of printed newspapers, smartphones & tablets, Internet subscriptions and gym membership fees.
We have provided two examples of this tax relief in effect below.

Broadband subscriptions
Eg: Broadband 60 Plan
Tax relief: RM60 x 12 months = RM720

Smartphone bundled package
Eg: iPhone X 64GB with Digi Postpaid 138
Tax relief: RM3,495 (Phone value) + RM138 x 12 months = RM2,500 (max relief)

Top Up Prepaid

You can use your postpaid account to top up the credit of a prepaid account.

This can be done on demand or automatically on a monthly basis.

Dial *128#, select My Account and then choose Talktime Services.

Pay Bill

You can choose any of the payment channels found on Page 2 of the Digi bill to settle your bill. Or you can also click on the Payment Channels topic under the Postpaid support section for the full list of payment options.


Auto-pay (auto-billing)

To sign up for auto-pay, you can register via MyDigi or walk-in to any of the Digi Stores located nationwide with your NRIC/Passport and your credit card for the service.

By registering, you will be authorising Digi to automatically debit the bill amount from your credit card account. Your credit card will be charged only on the 5th day after your monthly bill is generated so that customers can clarify any charges imposed prior to being auto-billed.

Online Banking

Effective 1 May 2017, you can opt to pay via online banking, using Maybank2U or JomPAY only. Both options take less than 2 hours to process the payment before it can be reflected in the Digi mobile account.


JomPAY is Malaysia’s national bill payment scheme established and operated by Payments Network Malaysia Sdn Bhd (PayNet) with Bank Negara Malaysia’s support. It is linked to 40 banks in Malaysia, enabling consumers to pay bills anytime, anywhere.

The payment processing timeline for JomPAY users to settle their Digi bill is within 2 hours of the transaction time. All you need to do is key in the Biller Code for Digi (1016), your Digi account number and the amount to be paid once you have chosen your preferred Current, Savings or Credit Card account to make the payment.

Digi Stores / Kiosks

Digi Kiosks are located at all Digi Stores nationwide and are operational during store opening hours. It’s a fast and convenient way to pay your bill without needing to queue at the Digi Store. You can make payments via cash, credit card or cheque.

Other services offered at the kiosks include SIM card replacement and checking account balance.


You can opt to pay at the ATM of participating banks that support JomPAY to transfer money from your bank account to pay your Digi bill.

Post Office

When paying your Digi bill via Post Malaysia at the post office, please remember to bring a copy of your bill for the staff to process.

It will take 2 working days before the successful payment will be reflected in your Digi account.

Flexi E-load

You can walk in to any of the 2,000 Digi dealer outlets nationwide to pay your postpaid bill via Flexi E-load.

Just bring a copy of the Digi bill as a reference for the dealers to key in the account number.


With this cashless option, you can use your Boost balance to pay your Digi bill effective 24th March 2020. Processing time is almost real time for your payment to be reflected in your Digi mobile account.

Understand Your Bill

Summary of Charges

  1. Account No. differs from Mobile No. as it covers all supplementary lines that are registered under the principal line, where applicable.
  2. Adjustments include refunds or additional charges that were unbilled in previous month(s).
  3. Previous Overdue Balance indicates total amount still unpaid from previous month(s).
  4. Current Charges cover the fixed monthly fee based on the type of plan; actual usage fees (voice, Internet, roaming, value-added services, etc); discounts given depending on the plan or promotion.
  5. Total Outstanding Amount is a total of Previous Overdue Amount & Current Bill Amount.
  6. Current Bill Analysis shows the usage charges for the bill cycle in terms of percentage.
  7. Payment Slip is retained by the Post Office or third party payment channel for record purposes after payment is made.



For types of payment channels, you can find this on Page 2 of the bill statement. For bill disputes, customers are advised to contact Digi via various points within 14 days of the Bill Statement date.

Where to Pay

Online Channels


Biller Code 1016

For more channels, please click on the Payment Channels tab at the top

Details of Charges

  1. Monthly Fixed Charges show the fixed amount you are contracted to pay monthly based on the type of plan you have signed up for.
  2. Usage Charges cover both local and international usage. These include local & international SMS, MMS, voice & video calls. Local usage also features Internet usage, Talk Time Transfers, mobile services, etc.
  3. Total is the total amount you have incurred in the current bill cycle.
  4. If you have 1 or more supplementary lines, these phone lines are combined under 1 Digi bill for your principal line. Their respective usage charges are broken down under the Summary of Account page, outlining the different types of mobile plans each line is subscribed to.

details charge

Itemised Bill

  1. Depending on the type of Digi plan that customers subscribed, SMS and Voice calls that are made in Malaysia (domestic usage) are usually free between Digi to Digi network and between Digi to other networks in Malaysia; excluding Video calls. Charges for video calls will be displayed under voice call category.
  2. Internet/Data Usage listed here are in kilobytes (1,000 KB = 1 MB), measuring the amount of data consumed while on the Digi network in Malaysia.
  3. International Roaming Usage means the charges incurred from making voice calls, sending SMS and/or using the Internet while travelling outside of Malaysia. This list of charges can only be generated after the roaming service provider partner has sent them to Digi.
  4. Voice mails are also chargeable while travelling overseas & will appear under “Incoming Calls”.
  5. Internet Roaming shows any Roaming Pass that customers have purchased and activated to use Internet at a fixed rate on a daily basis or over a fixed number of days while travelling.

itimized bill

View Your Bill

Digi bill statements are released on a monthly basis, following a full month’s bill cycle. The date of issuance of the bill statement is dependent on when you first register for a mobile service plan with Digi.

Old Bill Statements

You can view your bill statements from the last 6 months on MyDigi, the self-service application that is accessible here. Or alternatively, download the MyDigi app from Google Play or App Store to view your bill.

Customers can request to view bill statements that are older than 6 months by contacting the Digi Helpline via Live Chat, e-mail, phone, or by walking in to any Digi Store nationwide. Please note an administration fee will be incurred for such a request.


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MyDigi video tutorial

Discover the many useful features found in MyDigi.

Online Payment

Go to to view your latest Digi bill statement.


During registration, you can request to have a copy of your Digi bill statement sent to your valid e-mail address.

To update your registered e-mail address, you can:


Walk in to
any Digi Store

Paper Bill

You can request for a printed Digi bill delivered to your mailing address upon registration.

There will be a monthly fee of RM10 per phone line if you request for Standard paper bills or an Itemized paper bills. Customers are encouraged to opt for electronic bills (email) or download them for FREE via MyDigi.

To update your registered mailing address, please use the MyDigi app or web version.

SMS Bill

An SMS notification is the default way to update customers when their monthly Digi bill is ready for viewing.

You can choose your preferred language via the UMB menu.

Just dial *128*2*10# and choose your preferred language (English, Malay or Chinese) from the list.