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Can a non-Malaysian on an eligible Prepaid or Postpaid plan enjoy Digi Ambassador benefits with Passport as registration ID?

Ambassador benefits for both Digi Prepaid and Postpaid plans are only applicable to Malaysians with NRIC as ID. Foreigners with Passport as ID are not eligible for ambassador benefits.

I am an existing Digi Prepaid subscriber; can I enjoy Digi Ambassador benefit?

No, for prepaid subscribers, the lifetime Digi Ambassador benefit is only applicable via new line activation and port-ins. It is recommended for prepaid subscribers to activate a new prepaid line to enjoy lifetime Digi Ambassador benefits.

I have a Digi Ambassador promo code. How do I use it?

Just head to and enter the promo code upon checking out. Product eligibility rules apply.

Which internet credit for my prepaid lines will be consumed first?

For prepaid ambassadors, Jaringan Prihatin Internet credit bucket (if applicable) will be consumed at highest precedence, which is then followed by ambassador Internet credit bucket subsequently.

Where do I enter the promo code?

Where do I enter the promo code

Can I retain an existing activated Digi Ambassador benefit if I convert my line from Prepaid to Postpaid, or vice versa?

No, your ambassador benefit will be void if you perform Pre2Pos or Pos2Pre after the Digi Ambassador benefit has been granted.

What Digi products are eligible for discounts under the new Digi Ambassador program?

The following Digi products are eligible for Digi Ambassador discounts, only when purchased via Digi Store Online*:

Product CategoryPlanAmbassador Benefit (Lifetime)
Prepaid Mobile
Prepaid NEXT 35
Prepaid NEXT 45
RM5 monthly internet credit
Postpaid Mobile
Digi Postpaid 60
Digi Postpaid 90
Digi Postpaid 120
Digi Postpaid 150
Digi Postpaid 60DS
Digi Postpaid 90DS
Digi Postpaid 120DS
Digi Postpaid 150DS

All family or supplementary plans
RM10 monthly bill rebate

Not eligible
Postpaid Broadband
Broadband Monthly 65
Broadband Monthly 105

All supplementary plans
RM10 monthly bill rebate

Coming soon
FibreComing soonComing soon

* Only applicable to new line, port-in and prepaid-to-postpaid activations.

If I successfully signed up for a Digi Postpaid plan with Digi Ambassador benefit, can I retain my benefit if I perform a change of plan?

Yes, but only when the destination plan is among the eligible Digi Postpaid plans listed under the Digi Ambassador program.

My promo code returned an error during online checkout. What should I do?

Try requesting for a new promo code from your Digizen friend or family member.

If I have successfully signed up for a Digi Prepaid plan with a Digi Ambassador benefit, can I retain my benefit if I perform COP?

No, Digi Prepaid ambassador benefits are currently only applicable to NEXT35 and NEXT45 Internet plans on NEXT rate plan. Ambassador benefits will be void upon change-of-plan (COP) to other prepaid rate plans.

I am signing up for an eligible Postpaid plan at Digi Store Online. Why do I see RM0 at the check out?

All valid registration of postpaid voice and ambassador plans under Digi Ambassador program will receive a RM5 0 discount at the Digi Store Online checkout page. You will subsequently receive your RM10 monthly Postpaid bill rebate in your subsequent Postpaid bill and the rebate may be pro-rated according to your remaining bill period.

Are Digi Ambassador benefits allowed to co-exist with benefits from other promotions?

No, the Digi Ambassador benefit will be voided when you opt in to another promo code, with the exception of the following promotions:

  • Jaringan Prihatin rebate
  • PhoneFreedom 365 rebate
  • Digi Postpaid & Fibre rebate
  • Digi Broadband Supplementary rebate
  • Yellow Heart rebate
When will the Digi Ambassador benefit be granted to my line?

You will receive your Digi Ambassador benefit within thirty (30) days after successful activation of the eligible plans.

How will the Digi Ambassador benefit be displayed on my bill?

Billing Rebate

How many lines per NRIC can I enjoy Digi Ambassador benefits on?

Each subscriber can register up to four (4) Digi Postpaid lines and five (5) Digi Prepaid lines per valid NRIC.

If I choose to merge or split my bill account, can I still enjoy the ambassador benefit?

No, your ambassador benefit will be forfeited in the event of merge or split of bill account.