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Installation Guidelines

Here is what you need to prepare for your home fibre Installation.

a) During Installation

Installation Guidelines: The Installation Period Will be Roughly 2 Hours

The installation period will be roughly 2 hours


Our installer will brief you on the standard installation procedure.
If a non-standard installation is required or needed, additional cost will be incurred. Our installer will only proceed upon receiving customer’s consent. Customer to advise installer on their preferred placement of the router.


Ensure speed test is done by the installer with at least 90% of the subscribed speed achieved via LAN cable.


You need to sign a Service Acceptance Form (SAF) form.

b) Post Installation


You may ask our friendly installer for your router username and password, if required, for your own configuration needs.

c) Wrap Up

home fibre

Sit back, relax and experience the Internet like never before

Which Wi-Fi channels should I use? 2.5GHz or 5GHz?

Generally, it boils down to Wi-Fi coverage vs speed. If you want wider coverage, use 2.5 GHz or If you need higher speed, use 5GHz.

My internet connection is slow! What should I do?

Step 1: You need to ensure your devices are compatible and can support your subscribed speed.

Step 2: We recommend you reboot your router and modem periodically. Unplug your router for about a minute and let it rest. Then, plug it back in. You may need to restart one or more of your devices. Conduct a speed test by plugging a LAN cable into the laptop or computer. Make sure you get 90% of the speed you subscribed and only this device is connected to the Internet while conducting the speed test.

If your internet connection is still slow after troubleshooting, please call our customer service at 016 – 221 1800.

Where should I place my router?

Make sure you place the router in an area with open space and the least obstruction.

How do I maximize the Wi-Fi coverage?

We recommend you get a mesh Wi-Fi, which improves the coverage in the house and provides better routing with concrete walls in the way.

How do I conduct a speed test?

For more accurate results, we strongly recommend that you conduct a speed test by plugging in your LAN cable into your laptop. You may conduct your speed test by using this link: www.speedtest.net