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Are there any charges to maintain the Kawan list?

The first setup of 10 Digi and 10 non-Digi numbers to your Kawan list is absolutely free of charge! Any changes to the original 20 Kawan numbers will be charged at RM2 for each number that is newly added into your Kawan list.

How do I register my friends’ & family’s numbers into my Kawan list?

You can do it on MyDigi or via UMB by dialing *128*1*8#.

What is 20 Kawans?

20 Kawans is a feature of Digi Prepaid BEST™ that allows you to enjoy lower rates on local calls and SMS-es to 20 of your favourite friend’s & family’s phone numbers. It consists of 10 Digi numbers and 10 non-Digi numbers.

What are the local call and SMS rates for Digi Prepaid BEST™?

Please refer to the table below:

Type of serviceRates / Charges
Call (all networks)RM0.12/30 seconds
SMS (all networks)RM0.12/SMS (160 characters)
Video Call (all networks)RM0.30/minute
MMS (all networks)RM0.50/MMS


Digi Prepaid BEST™ also offers the best call and SMS rates to 20 Kawans as below:

Type of serviceRates / Charges
Call (all networks)RM0.06 / 30 seconds
SMS (all networks)RM0.06/ SMS (160 characters)