Prepaid Plans Support

How long is the offer period for Pakej Data Khas Belia?

This offer is available from 12 Aug 2021 until further notice.

What is Pakej Data Khas Belia?

It is a one-time internet pass of 15GB of Truly High-Speed Internet with a validity of 30 days for RM20. For a limited time, this pass will come with Unlimited TikTok and Instagram. This plan is targeted at Malaysians aged 12 to 24 years old.

Can I buy multiple Pakej Data Khas Belia?

Yes, but the remaining quota and validity reset to follow the new purchase.

What is the offer period for Unlimited TikTok and Instagram?

The offer period is from 12 August 2021 to 31 October 2021.

Is this offer available to all Digi Prepaid customers on any rate plan?

While all Digi Prepaid Mobile voice subscribers can purchase this Internet plan, the exception to this is users on the ABADI, Digi Monthly Plan 28, and Digi monthly Plan 50.

Who is eligible for this Pakej Data Khas Belia?

All Malaysians between the age of 12 to 24 years, based on the date of birth on the NRIC, are eligible for this Pakej Data Khas Belia.

How can a non-Digi subscriber purchase the Pakej Data Khas Belia?

Non-Digi subscribers should purchase Digi Prepaid via Digi Store Online or at any Digi Store to be eligible for Pakej Data Khas Belia.

How can existing Digi customers subscribe to Pakej Data Khas Belia?

Digi users can subscribe to this offer on the MyDigi add-ons page. We highly recommend that customers download the MyDigi app for the best experience. If you are not a Digi user, please dial *128# to access the offer.

What is the validity period of Pakej Data Khas Belia?

It is valid for 30 days upon purchase.

If I had used up all 15GB of the data quota before the end of the validity period, can I still purchase Pakej Data Khas Belia?

Yes, but we recommend that you purchase the 10GB for RM10 quota top-up either via MyDigi or by dialling *128#.