Raja Kombo Support

What actions can I perform when I am in Active / Barred Status?

Please refer to the table below:

Line StatusEnough Balance Active StatusEnough Balance Barred Status (R1)No Balance Active StatusNo Balance Barred Status (R1)
Purchase InternetYesYes, via UMB *128#NoNo
Surf InternetYesNoYesNo
Make CallsYesNoYes (If you have free minutes or subscribed to any Call Plan)No
If I do not purchase Internet or reload and my validity expires, what happens to my line?

Your Account will fall into Barred Status (R1). When you are in Barred Status, you can receive incoming calls but cannot make outgoing calls or surf the Internet. If you want to make outgoing calls or surf the Internet, you will need to purchase a Monthly Active Plan (via UMB *128#) or reload.

What would happen if I did not purchase Internet or reload when I am in barred (R1) status for a long time?

Your line will be barred for 60 days. If there is no internet purchase or reload activity during the 60 days barring period, your line will then be terminated. Please purchase an Internet pack or reload your number if you wish to keep your line.