Digital Services Support

Is there a purchase limit for this service?

Yes, each Digi mobile number can purchase up to RM300 worth of Steam Wallet Code per 30 days.

What is Steam Wallet Code?

Steam Wallet is an e-wallet which is associated to Steam ( gaming platform by Valve Corporation. Users of Steam gaming platform will need to have funds added to Steam Wallet to purchase digital content. Users can also use other payment method like credit card.

How will the charges be reflected for Prepaid and Postpaid?

The purchase will be displayed as “Steam Wallet Code” in your Postpaid/Prepaid statement.



What do I need to have to purchase Steam Wallet Code through Digi?

You need to key in your Digi mobile number and wait for the SMS confirmation. Reply the SMS with unique code to confirm the purchase.

How does Digi Steam Wallet Code service work?

You need to have an active Digi mobile Prepaid or Postpaid number with SMS capability in order to purchase Steam Wallet Code. The amount will be charged to your Postpaid bill, or deduct from your Prepaid balance. The Steam Wallet Code of your purchases will be delivered to you through SMS.

I have made a purchase, the balance got deducted, but I did not receive any SMS. What should I do?

Contact Digi and upon verification, the code will be resend to you right away.

I have made a purchase but the denomination is not what I have requested for. What should I do?

Contact Digi and our CS personnel will verify your purchases and perform compensation if the amount and denomination does not tally.

I am not a Digi user, can I use this service?

Unfortunately, this service is only meant for Digi subscribers. We are working to serve the gaming needs of all Malaysians in the coming future.

I have made a purchase, and I received the code through SMS. However, when I redeem it at Steam, it says the code has been redeemed. What should I do?

Contact Digi and our CS personnel will check the activation date of the code. If the activation of the code is before user’s purchase, a one-to-one replacement will be done and new code will be sent through SMS.