IDD Support

What happens if I forget to dial 133 before the international number?

Standard Digi Prepaid™/Digi Postpaid™ IDD rates will apply. Please visit our International Calls & SMS Rates page for more details.



What is IDD 133?

IDD 133 enables you to make IDD calls at lower rates. To do so, simply dial 133 before the international number that you wish to call. Please note that this is only applicable when you call one of the 36 countries listed on the overview page.

Do I have to subscribe to IDD 133, and will there be a subscription fee if I do?

No, you do not have to subscribe to IDD 133 or pay any subscription fee. Calls made via IDD 133 will be charged based on the rates listed on the overview page.

How do I make IDD calls with IDD 133?

It's easy! Just dial 133<00><Country Code><Area Code><Phone Number>.


Normal IDD call to Indonesia: 00 62 12 3456789
IDD call to Indonesia via IDD 133: 133 00 62 12 3456789


And that's all there is to it - call your loved ones today!

Is this service available to both Digi Prepaid™ and Digi Postpaid™ subscribers?

IDD 133 is available to selected Digi Prepaid ™ and Digi Postpaid™ plans.

What is the charging block for IDD 133?

You will be charged at 60-second charging blocks.

Can I make video calls with IDD 133?

Sorry, IDD 133 is only applicable for voice calls.

Do IDD 133 rates vary at different times of the day?

No, IDD 133 rates are the same at any given time.