Online Store Support

What is EPP?

Easy Payment Plans (EPP) allow you to make a transaction with your credit card and then repay the amount in instalments over a period of time.

Will I be charged any additional fees?

No! You can now make purchases at a 0% interest rate with Digi :)

What are the supported banks, minimum spending, and instalment tenure for EPP?

Please find the list of supported banks, the duration of instalments and the minimum spending requirement in the table below. This information is applicable for both Digi’s website and retail stores.


Maybank (Visa/Master)12 months1000.00
24 months2000.00
Maybank (Amex)12 months1000.00
24 months2000.00
PBB12 months1000.00
24 months1000.00
HSBC12 months1000.00
24 months2000.00
CIMB12 months1200.00
24 months2000.00