MY Digital SME Roadshow Support

What is MY Digital SME Workshop?

MY Digital SME workshops are a series of collaborative events between several brands, organised by Digi. It aims to assist and empower local business owners and entrepreneurs across Malaysia to foster digital growth in the SME segment and to further kick start their digital transformation. This program consists of panel discussions, workshops and networking sessions whereby SMEs can gain knowledge from subject matter experts on how to leave a digital footprint, which is essential for their business.

Tell me more about the workshops.

These workshops are organized nationwide in collaboration with our partner SME Corps, together with various subject matter experts, like Rev Asia, Facebook Business, Google Business, and Shopee, on topics relevant to helping you grow your SME business digitally. These series of workshops are organized as half-day sessions at present.  Business owners, stake-holders or other key persons from SMEs are highly encouraged to attend our workshops. This not only will benefit SMEs to kick start their digital transformation by learning from the speakers but also give them opportunities to network with experts and other participants. The workshops are open to all Malaysian SMEs.

Will I be charged a fee to attend these workshops?

At present, there are no fees or charges to attend the workshops. All of our workshops are free and are conducted by certified Google, FB & Shopee trainers. However, seats are limited and you are advised to register as early as possible to secure a seat without missing out.

I’m interested! How do I register?

The sessions are currently conducted in Ipoh, Kota Bahru,  Kota Kinabalu & Kuching. 
Just click the link to register for the workshop you are interested to attend, for free.