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What is a Monthly Plan Booster?

Monthly Plan Booster is a new way of buying Internet. Monthly Plan Booster allows you to top-up Internet quota for your Monthly Active Internet plan and will expire together with your Monthly Active Internet Plan.

What is the validity of a Monthly Plan Booster?

The Monthly Plan Booster will always follow the expiry date of your Monthly Active Plan. For example, if your Monthly Active plan’s expiry date is on 30 June, and you buy a monthly plan booster today, your monthly plan booster’s expiry date will also be on 30 June.

How do I buy a Monthly Plan Booster?

You may buy a Monthly Plan Booster via MyDigi (Add-Ons > Booster). Please note that the Booster tab will only be available when you have an active Monthly Active Plan.

If I buy a Monthly Plan Booster on day 30 of the Monthly Active Plan Cycle (Month 1 Day 30), can I continue to enjoy the offer after I renew my Monthly Active Plan (Month 2 Day 1)?

The expiry date of your Monthly Plan Booster will always be the same as your current month’s Monthly Active Plan date, which is Month 1 Day 30.

Hence, you may not be able to enjoy the Monthly Plan Booster on Month 2 Day 1 as it is already expired.

I am a Monthly Active Subscriber, why should I buy a Monthly Plan Booster?

If you need more High-Speed Internet within your 30 days tenure, Monthly Plan Booster will be the best option for you.

It offers the best value for money High-Speed Internet Quota that is valid until the expiry of your monthly plan.

What are the Monthly Plan Boosters available?

Please refer to the table below

Monthly Active PlanNEXT15NEXT30, NEXT35, NEXT45