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Who is eligible for these offers?

All MyDigi App Users. (Kaspersky + HSVPN Bundle – Android Users only, Apple iCloud Free 50GB storage – iOS users only)

When is the offer period?

From 3 December 2020 to 17 February 2021.

Where do I manage/cancel my subscriptions?

Manage all subscriptions on Click on ‘My Subscriptions’ for a list of all services that you are subscribed to. This view will show the date of your next renewal.

iCloud subscription management will be through mobile device setting.

Are all subscriptions recurring?

All subscriptions are recurring subscriptions unless clearly stated as non-recurring subscriptions.

How do I pay for my subscriptions?

MyDigi App subscribers are billed through postpaid bill/prepaid credit.

What are other payment options?

Debit and credit card payment is available to those who are not on Digi network at 

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