Digi Fibre Support

How do I terminate my Digi Fibre service?

You will need to walk into any of the Digi Stores. Kindly check the working hours of a Digi Store near you, Find a Store.

Can I terminate my Digi Fibre service before the contract expiry?

Yes, but a RM500 penalty will be imposed for early contract termination.

Is there a notice period for termination?

There is no notice period for termination.

Do I need to return any equipment when I terminate Digi Fibre service?

No, you are not required to return any equipment provided.

Can I relocate my Digi Fibre service to another location?

Yes, relocation is subject to coverage area and plans will be re-contracted for 24 months.

How will I receive my deposit upon termination of service?

Digi will send a cheque to your address after your 24-months contract has ended. If you have any outstanding bill, Digi will use the deposit to pay the bill.