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Your Device 4G

Is your device 4G compatible? SMS 4G to 28282 or click here to find out. Don’t have a 4G phone? Get one starting from as low as RM68 here!

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Is your SIM 4G-friendly? SMS LTE to 20000 to find out. Should you need a replacement, just visit your nearest Digi Store! Upgrade SIM now

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Together with JENDELA, we’re connecting
Malaysians to what matters most

Jalinan Digital Negara (JENDELA) is the government’s plan to expand the reach of the internet to every corner of Malaysia, in preparation for 5G technology. Part of this initiative will require the phasing out of 3G and making sure the rakyat are equipped to embrace the new and improved broadband experience. 

3G Powering Down

3G Powering Down

Our aim is for the whole nation to experience quality connectivity on our 4G Network. In 2021, our 3G Network will slowly phase out to accommodate more people to a fully-connected 4G Network.

4G Expansion For All

4G Expansion For All

The expansion of our 4G network will take place progressively, with the goal of improving nationwide coverage and the quality of the broadband experience for our customers.

5G Powering Up

5G Powering Up

In order to lay the groundwork for the future implementation of 5G, we are exploring with several technology partners on the potential of creating even more meaningful experiences for our customers.

JENDELA National Objectives

2020 - 2022


*Phase 1

  • Increase 4G coverage from 91.8% to 96.9% in populated areas.
  • Increase mobile broadband speeds from 25 Mbps to 35 Mbps.
  • Upgrade from 3G to 4G for better quality internet experience.

*Phase 2

  • When the entire country is fully-enabled on 4G, we will start introducing 5G technologies (after achieving Phase 1 objectives).
  • To drive Malaysia towards becoming a stronger digital nation, 5G will first benefit businesses and industries, followed by its citizens.

*Full details of JENDELA plan here

Join Malaysia’s Fastest Mobile Network

We will continue to upgrade our 4G infrastructure and technology by expanding our network to enhance your quality of experience. From urban cities to rural areas, we strive to bring you seamless connectivity nationwide.

enjoy 4g network experience

Enjoy better 4G network experience with Digi

With the Fastest Mobile Network, everything is just better. Learn more about our network.

improved 4g network experiance

Improved 4G network experience wherever you are

We are consistently developing and upgrading our network so that you can experience seamless Internet connectivity. Learn more about our 4G Network progress status.

enjoy 4g network coverage

Experience wide 4G network coverage with peace of mind

As we speed up our network, you could be at peace of mind of low-risk radiation.

Malaysia’s Fastest Mobile Network
let's you
#BuatLebihL4Gi with Digi 4G

Watch and learn how 4G will go a long way in benefiting every household in Malaysia.
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#BuatLebihL4Gi in Entertainment and Productivity for the whole family.

#BuatLebihL4Gi in Education and Gaming for Students.

#BuatLebihL4Gi for Businesses.

Access to seamless broadband connectivity.

More videos on JENDELA here

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Device Specs & Performance

Device Specs & Performance

Get a better understanding of why your smartphone's RAM, storage and battery affect your connectivity.  Learn more

User Location

User Location

Understand how your connectivity is affected whenever you're indoors, at home, or in high-rise buildings.  Learn more

Weather Conditions

Weather Conditions

Let us help you see why rainy days have an effect on your network connectivity.  Learn more