General - Terms & Conditions

13.1 Where the Customer's subscription is made pursuant to a promotion, the Customer agrees that upon Digi's acceptance of the Customer's application to subscribe to the Service pursuant to a promotion, the Customer shall be subject to such additional terms and conditions as may be attached as conditions to the said promotion. Such additional terms and conditions shall be read as supplementary to the terms and conditions in this Agreement. Digi expressly reserves the right to withdraw any promotions subscribed to by the Customer at any time without assigning reasons for such withdrawal.


13.2 In the event that the promotion involves a financier, the Customer shall in addition to Clause 13.1 comply with all requirements imposed by the financier and further acknowledges that Digi has reserved the right to take any action as requested by the financier to protect the financier's interests or as deemed fit for Digi's own interests and credit control purposes and management of the Customer's Account(s).


13.3 For enterprise offerings, free inter-Company calls feature is applicable only for usage up to 45 hours/month. The normal tariff rate shall apply when the usage exceeds 45 hours/month. Digi reserves the right to terminate the Service if the free inter-Company calls feature is used for Commercial Gain by the Customer.