General - Terms & Conditions


 means an account opened for the Customer with Digi (and/or its subsidiaries) subscribing to the Service.

Activation/Activated means the point in time when the said Service is activated in the Digi System.

Advance Payment means the payment made by the Customer to Digi upon registration in relation to the settlement of the following Monthly Charges for the following month(s) subject to these Terms and Conditions specified herein.

Agreement means the completed registration agreement, all terms and conditions spelled out herein including all subsequent unilateral amendments, variations, additions and deletions made by Digi at its sole and absolute discretion from time to time.

Call Alert means any form of notification via electronic means or otherwise as may be adopted or prescribed by Digi serving as a notification and/or reminder to the Customer that there are payments overdue or becoming overdue and/or when the total usage breaches the desired Credit Limit alert level or other notification deemed necessary by Digi.

Commercial Gain means any form of profits earned and/or gained by the Customer directly and/or indirectly arising from using/utilization of the Service with any unauthorized device or any other ways in any manner whatsoever which unfairly exploit the unlimited free voice and/or data usage (as and when it is made available by Digi in any of its promotions, plans and/or packages) or spamming activities for the purposes of unauthorized reselling.

Credit Limit means the limit on Monthly Charges imposed by Digi at its sole and absolute discretion from time to time.

Customer means the person authorized for using the Service subject to the terms and conditions herein and/or an entity of whatsoever description including, but not limited to, a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a body corporate or otherwise governmental bodies and agencies of any kind established under the laws, rules and/or regulations of its domicile for the time being in force and which may come in force more particularly described in the registration agreement.

Deposit means the refundable account deposit payable by the Customer as security for the payment of Monthly Charges and/or any part thereof.

Device means any device used to access the broadband service that includes, but is not limited to, USB modems, laptops (via built-in embedded modem), data cards and Mobile Telephones and/or any accessories used together to access the Service.

Digi means Digi TELECOMMUNICATIONS SDN. BHD. (Co. No. 201283-M).

Digi System means the telecommunications system utilised by Digi in providing the Service.

Early Termination means the termination of the Service subscription of line prior to the expiry of the Minimum Period either by the Customer or Digi.

Early Termination Sum means the amount including, but not limited to, all outstanding fees, charges and cost of the Mobile Telephone subsidy (if any) of the Service or any amount determined by Digi from time to time.

Financier means a licensed institution as defined in the Banking and Financial Institutions Act 1989.

Information means information, data, content, interactive applications, services and/or any other material the Customer may provide at any time, access, use and/or generate via the Service and/or VAS as applicable, including, but not limited to, Customer's personal data.

Minimum Period means the minimum tenure as determined by Digi in the registration agreement commencing from date of activation of the Service by Digi.

Mobile Telephone means the wireless telephone equipment which includes a combination of the transmitter and receiver together with accessories for the use of the Service.

Monthly Charges means all billed and unbilled charges for the Monthly Fee, call charges and/or data charges outstanding including, but not limited to, any other charges/fees and/or service tax.

Monthly Fee means the monthly rental charges payable by the Customer for the usage of the Service.

Principal User means the Customer or in the case of a company, any person nominated by the Customer to be the Principal User.

Service means the mobile telecommunication, broadband services or any other product or Services rendered by Digi, at this current time or in the future, using the Digi System and includes, where applicable, the Value-Added Services.

SIM Card means the microprocessor card provided by Digi which is inserted in the Mobile Telephone and/or the Device and contains a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for access into the Service and the definition of SIM Card will include Supplementary SIM Card(s) where applicable.

Supplementary SIM Card means the Supplementary SIM Card which has been issued at the Customer and/or Principal User's request to a third party approved by Digi.

Supplementary User means the third party approved by Digi to be a supplementary user of the Service at the request of the Customer and/or Principal User.



Taxes – Charges will be stated exclusive of any taxes. Customer will be responsible for paying any taxes arising from the Agreement for which Customer is legally liable such as Services Tax at the rate in force at the date the liability arises.


Value-Added Services means additional functions, features or facilities which are currently available or will be made available by Digi from time to time and may be subscribed to and/or used by the Customer in connection with the Service to enable the Customer to access and use information, data, content, WAP and other interactive applications and/or services over the internet and/or intranets (hereinafter collectively referred to as 'VAS').