General - Terms & Conditions

14.1 All Devices and VAS provided to the Customer by Digi or purchased through Digi's promotions are covered under and subject to the terms of warranty from the relevant manufacturer or licensors. Digi shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever for any defects in the Devices or the VAS due to the manufacturers', licensor's or Customer's fault and if applicable, any hardware which the Customer may have connected to the Devices.


14.2 Should there be any manufacturing defects with the Devices (provided by Digi under the terms and conditions of this Agreement) found within three (3) days from the date of registration, the Customer may visit the relevant manufacturer's service centers to get a replacement. For any defects found after three (3) days from the date of registration, the Customers may visit the relevant manufacturer's service centers for warranty claims. The Customer shall also be subjected to any other terms and conditions imposed by the supplier/manufacturer of the Device.


14.3 The Customer shall ensure that the Device provided with the Service is compatible with the PC/laptop's system. Digi shall not be responsible should the Device fail to work on the Customer's PC/laptop's system as well as the laptop systems with embedded SIM card slots.


14.4 If the Customer chooses to connect using the Customer's own Device, Digi shall not be able to provide the Customer with technical support for that particular Device and Digi reserves the right to refer the Customer to the Device manufacturer for technical assistance (at Customer's own expense).


14.5 For iPhones offered by Digi, Digi may in certain circumstances, activate and register (unbrick) the iPhone at Digi's premises prior to shipment to the Customer. As such, the warranty period shall commence from the period of such activation and registration and not from the time the iPhone is received by the Customer.