General - Terms & Conditions

16.1 Any remaining prepaid credit balance will be transferred to the Customer's postpaid bill after conversion. Final credit/debit is subject to change if other Voice, data & VAS usage i.e. SMS, MMS, GPRS, CPA Services & etc are charged.

16.2 All freebies (eg. free SMS or MMS etc), loyalty benefits, birthday bonus and other related benefits related to prepaid subscriptions will be forfeited upon conversion and/or termination of the postpaid line.

16.3 Up to a maximum of RM100 – prepaid credit balance may be transferable to postpaid line. Any balance exceeding RM100 will not be refunded to postpaid account holder and shall be forfeited upon successful conversion to a postpaid account.

16.4 All subscription based services subscribed to under the prepaid accounts will continue in the postpaid line.

16.5 The Customer shall be bound by postpaid registration terms and conditions once the mobile number is converted to postpaid registration.

16.6 The whole conversion process will be completed within two (2) working days. During such two (2) working days, the Customer may not be able to make or receive calls or use any of the subscribed VAS.

16.7 The prepaid to postpaid conversion shall be subject to Digi's approval.

16.8 Digi shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever to the Customer or any other party for any claims of whatsoever nature suffered due to this conversion.