General - Terms & Conditions

10.1 All Principal User lines of selected Digi's postpaid plans as published in Digi's website are eligible to apply for a separate account with separate bill, Credit Limit and other conditions as stipulated in this Clause (‘Separate Supplementary Account') for existing and new Supplementary User line(s) under the Account.

10.2 All Supplementary User lines under the Account have to be under the Separate Supplementary Account structure. In the event the Principal User applying for this Separate Supplementary Account already has an existing Supplementary User, the existing Supplementary User shall be considered as part of this Separate Supplementary Account structure and shall automatically enjoy the same benefits as per the new Supplementary User signed up by the Principal User under this Separate Supplementary Account.

10.3 For the existing Supplementary User, if no address for billing is given, the billing shall be sent to the Principal User's address.

10.4 The Principal User and the Supplementary User shall receive their printed bills to be delivered separately upon request. However, Principal User will be able to view the bill for his/her own account and all the supplementary lines via e-billing.

10.5 Group auto-savings is not applicable to the Supplementary User lines under this Separate Supplementary Account structure. The Customer shall be notified as and when the group auto-savings is made applicable to this Separate Supplementary Account feature.

10.6 The Principal User hereby agrees to be liable for all of the outstanding amounts owing to Digi by any or all the Supplementary Users, if any or all the Supplementary Users fail to settle any outstanding balance.

10.7 Separate Credit Limit shall be assigned to the Principal User and Supplementary User for the Separate Supplementary Account. However, for Principal User with existing Supplementary User line(s) in the same Account, the Principal User's Credit Limit will be maintained upon conversion to the Separate Supplementary Account, unless requested to be otherwise.

10.8 Digi reserves the rights to bar or terminate all lines in the Account without prior notice for any reason whatsoever including, but not limited to, situations wherein any of the Supplementary User line in the Separate Supplementary Account structure defaults in payment.

10.9 The Supplementary User under the Separate Supplementary Account structure shall have access to check its own Account Information and subscribe to all Digi's Postpaid Value Added Services via self-provisioning channel without prior notice to or consent from the Principal User.

10.10 Verification of Principal User and/or Supplementary User details is required for all call-in and walk-in requests.

10.11 Under this Separate Supplementary Account feature, only the Principal User can apply for the increase in Credit Limit for each Supplementary User line, international roaming services or any other services which may be determined by Digi from time to time.

10.12 Billing statement date will follow the Principal User line's cycle and the Call Alert will be set as default when the Supplementary User line's usage has reached Eighty Percent (80%) and One Hundred Percent (100%) of the Credit Limit respectively.

10.13 Once this Separate Supplementary Account is subscribed, no reversal to previous Account structure is allowed.

10.14 Stamp duty for the application form and terms and conditions for the purpose of this Clause 10 shall be borne by the Principal User.