General - Terms & Conditions

2.1 This Agreement shall take effect from the date of commencement of the Service when the Customer's Mobile Telephone is connected or the Customer's broadband Service is Activated and shall continue to be in force until terminated in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

2.2 For the avoidance of doubt, Digi shall have the right to use the Information from the time the Information is disclosed by the Customer.

2.3 This Agreement shall be automatically renewed for a further duration as prescribed in the Minimum Period upon expiry of the current Minimum Period unless otherwise informed by the Customer in writing fourteen (14) days before expiry.

2.4 The Customer hereby agrees that Digi may change and/or migrate the Customer's existing plan subscription to another plan as Digi deems fit at any point of the time during the validity of this Agreement. Digi shall notify the Customer of the effective date of the said change and/or migration. In the event the Customer wishes to remain to his/her existing plan, the Customer shall notify Digi within fourteen (14) days from the effective date of the change and/or migration to enable Digi to act accordingly.