General - Terms & Conditions

20.1 The Customer recognises and acknowledges that the cost of the Mobile Telephone or Devices purchased by the Customer is subsidised in part or in whole by Digi or by one of Digi's business partners, whether pursuant to a promotional event or otherwise.

20.2 Digi reserves the right (where applicable) to collect and the Customer shall pay a deposit of such sum as shall be determined by Digi from time to time ("Mobile Telephone Deposit") in consideration of such a subsidy.

20.3 In the event of termination of the Service by the Customer (for whatever reason), Digi shall be entitled at its absolute discretion to:

a. forfeit/offset the Mobile Telephone Deposit in part or in whole towards the subsidy paid and the Customer shall refund the remainder (if any) ; or

b. refund the Mobile Telephone Deposit in part or in whole to the Customer should the Customer be desirous of returning the Mobile Telephone or Device to Digi and should Digi be desirous of accepting the return of the same, subject to the said Mobile Telephone or Device being in good working condition, but with fair wear and tear exempted.