General - Terms & Conditions

5.1 The Customer shall:


a. Use the Service and accept full risk and responsibility in doing so;

b. Promptly pay all amounts due to Digi as shown on the Customer's bill statement and continue to be responsible and pay for all fees, charges and taxes in the event of any interruption or loss of the Service for any reason whatsoever;

c. Refrain from using the Service for such period as may be required by Digi;

d. Report immediately to Digi upon the discovery of any fraud, theft, unauthorised usage, abnormality in the Customer's bill statement or any other occurrence of unlawful nature in respect of the use of the Service or the Mobile Telephone within 24 hours from such discovery;

e. Comply with all notices or changes made by Digi including any upgrading of the Digi system as required by Digi;

f. Ensure that the Mobile Telephone, Device and/or SIM Card is legally owned by the Principal User or Supplementary User at all times and not tampered with or modified or permit any person to tamper with or modify the Mobile Telephone, Device and/or the SIM Card and/or the Supplementary SIM Card;

g. Be responsible for all equipment and software necessary to use the Service and also for the security and integrity of all information and data transmitted, disclosed and/or obtained through the use of the Service;

h. Acknowledge that Digi does not check the content or information available from the Service or the Internet and that Digi is not liable for any loss or damage suffered by the Customer or any other person as a result of using information obtained from the Service or the internet including, but not limited to, any damage to or loss of data caused by a virus or similar program;

i. Not use, permit or cause to be used the Service improperly or for any activities which breach any laws, infringe a third party's rights, or breach any directives, content requirements or codes promulgated by any relevant authority including activities which will require Digi to take remedial action under any applicable industry code or in a way which interferes with other users or defames, harasses, menaces, restricts or inhibits any other use from using or enjoying the Service or the Internet;

j. Not use the Service with any unauthorized device or any other ways which unfairly exploit the unlimited free voice and/or data usage, broadband connection or spamming activities for the purposes of unauthorized reselling or Commercial Gain;

k. The Customer hereby agrees, allows, consents and has no objection to Digi extracting the Short Messaging Service (SMS) details or personal information or any other data required to be used as evidence in court and/or when necessary in the event of a suspected and/or proven misuse of the Service for Commercial Gain purposes;

l. Be responsible for obtaining advice on whether the Customer's use of the Service or the internet involves activities which breach any laws, infringe any third party rights or breach any standards, content requirements or codes promulgated by any relevant authority; and/or

m. Notwithstanding the provisions contained herein, in the event of theft or loss of the SIM Card and/or the Mobile Telephone or Device, the Customer shall be liable and continue to remain liable for all fees and charges incurred by the use of the SIM Card and/or the Mobile Telephone or the Device. Digi reserves the sole and absolute right to levy a charge upon the Customer being the cost of such replacement and/or any other charges which Digi shall deem at its sole and absolute discretion fit for such purpose.


In the event that any SIM Card is reported lost or stolen, the Customer agrees to reactivate the line within six (6) days thereof or any other period as may be stipulated by Digi from the reported date. Failure to do so will result in automatic termination of the Service by Digi and the Customer shall pay the Early Termination Sum to Digi.

n. Acknowledge and agree that there is no warranty for the SIM Card and Digi shall not be under any obligation to replace or compensate the Customer for any lost, stolen, damaged, faulty or cloned SIM Card or for any cost or expenses incurred by the Customer resulting therefrom.

5.2 The SIM Card shall remain the property of Digi at all times and ownership thereof shall not at any time pass to the Customer, and shall be returned upon demand.