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Malaysians have lost more than RM750mil to scams in the last three years. Fraudsters are using different methods and channels to trick their victims every day.
Learn more about these five most common scams and frauds to which a large number of people fall victim to.

Wangiri Scam Call or Vishing Social Media Scam SMS Scams Malware
Scam Call/Vishing

What are Scam Calls and Vishing?

Calls from scammers trying to steal your money or personal information.


Scam Calls/Vishing

 How scammers work?

Scammers use various tactics to steal personal information like banking details. They include:

  • Intimidation (by pretending as someone from law enforcement agencies like the police, MACC or financial institutions like banks, IRB).
  • Attractive limited-time offers.
  • Impersonating someone you might know.
What to look out for ?

What to look out for?

Callers who claim to be from local authorities, legal enforcement agencies, banks/telemarketing services.


How to respond?

Do not believe offers that are too good to be true, especially from strangers.
Refer to official sites or stores to verify any promotions.
Call your banks or enforcement agencies to verify information given.
Do not share any personal information or OTP codes.
Report the number to your mobile operator.


Mr. Sam calls you from your bank and claims that you’ve made an RM3,000 online transaction. And he needs your details to verify it.

But you’ve not done any banking today.

What should you do?


Mr. Dan calls you and informs you that he is a Digi rep. He tells you about an exclusive deal to own the latest iPhone with your current postpaid plan.

All you have to do is provide your OTP that will be sent by your bank via sms shortly.

What should you do?


Inspector Ali calls you regarding an outstanding police summon that you haven’t paid in a while. He needs you to confirm your details regarding this summon, full name and IC number.

You don’t remember getting a summon.

What should you do?



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