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Malaysians have lost more than RM750mil to scams in the last three years. Fraudsters are using different methods and channels to trick their victims every day.
Learn more about these five most common scams and frauds to which a large number of people fall victim to.

Wangiri Scam Call or Vishing Social Media Scam SMS Scams Malware
SMS scam

What are SMS Scams?

SMSes from unknown numbers promoting businesses or subscription services. It aims to steal your personal information or money.


SMS scam

 How scammers work?

Scammers would promote SMS subscription services that will charge you daily, weekly or monthly. They may trick you into providing personal information like banking details.

What to look out for ?

What to look out for?

  • Offers from unknown numbers, typically from short code numbers.
  • SMSes with external links to view more offers.
  • Threat or false alarm that appears to be from law enforcement agencies like the police, MACC or financial institutions like banks, IRB.  



How to respond?

Do not subscribe to any services from suspicious SMSes.
Do not click any links in the SMSes.
Verify given information with your bank or agency mentioned.
Report the number to your mobile operator.


You receive an SMS from a five-code number stating that you are entitled to a FREE download of a new and exciting game. The steps to redeem are fairly simple, all you need to do is reply YES to them and you are good to go.

What should you do?


You receive an SMS from an unknown number, asking “Hey, I stumbled upon this photo online and thought you should know. Is this you? [link].” You get worried, curious and anxious of what it might be,

so what do you do?


You receive an SMS from your friend, but through an unknown number. She tells you that she lost her phone and is currently using a temporary phone, and decides to contact you because she remembers your number. She goes on to explain that something terrible had happened to her and without going into detail, asks to borrow RM500 from you so she could get out of her current predicament.

She tries to convince you that she will pay you back as soon as possible.

What do you do next?


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