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Malaysians have lost more than RM750mil to scams in the last three years. Fraudsters are using different methods and channels to trick their victims every day.
Learn more about these five most common scams and frauds to which a large number of people fall victim to.

Wangiri Scam Call or Vishing Social Media Scam SMS Scams Malware

What is Malware?

Malicious software that is hidden as a legitimate app on your phone.



 How Malware works?

Malware on phones are usually unnoticeable. They run in the background stealing private information or even turning on your camera and microphone without your knowledge.

What to look out for ?

What to look out for?

  • Pop-up ads on your phone. 
  • Battery draining faster.
  • Unexplained apps and charges.

How to respond?

Download apps only from official app stores.
Update your device.
Scan device for viruses and manually uninstall unknown apps or factory reset your device.


You notice an ad for a cute and enticing game on a website you are browsing. You are immediately drawn to it and would like to install it on your phone. The moment you click on the ad, you notice that the game can only be downloaded from a third-party website and is not available on app stores.

What do you do?


You notice you are getting a wave of pop-up ads on your phone. Most of them are offering free but suspicious services, such as “Free Financial Advice!” or “Free Psychic Reading!”.

What do you do?


You recently downloaded a new fitness app that asks you to allow it to use your camera and access your gallery, even though there are no features in the app in which you would need to use either of these.

What do you do?


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