Roaming & IDD - Terms & Conditions

1.Roaming Passes are offered in partnership with selected Network Operators in selected countries only (the “Participating Countries”). Digi reserves the right to amend the list of participating Network Operators and available countries at any time without notice.

2.Roaming voice minutes included in any of the Roaming Pass is only applicable for roaming voice calls by the Subscriber (prepaid or postpaid) from the Participating Countries:- any Malaysian number; any number of the visiting participating country; and

c.receiving calls while you are in the Participating Countries.


3.Subscribers shall manually select the relevant Participating Network Operators to access the Roaming Passes. Digi shall not be responsible for any increase charges and/or variant charges due to default/automatic selections arising from network systems, the Subscriber's failure to select, the Subscriber's error in selection or any other cause whatsoever.

4.Roaming Passes shall only be for use outside of Malaysia and the Subscriber agrees to abide by and be subject to all terms and conditions of use at all times and the usage terms of the Participating Countries.

5.Subscribers shall not use the Roaming Passes for commercial, non-personal or fraudulent purposes or gains. Digi reserves the right at any time at its absolute discretion and without any liability whatsoever to the Subscriber or any third party, to disconnect, interrupt, terminate, bar or suspend the Roaming Passes service to a Subscriber in the event of suspicious usage, illegal activities, suspected fraud or any other unusual activities.

6.Purchase and/or use of a Roaming Pass shall constitute acceptance of all applicable terms and conditions.

7.Balance validity period, quota or minutes under Roaming Passes are neither transferable nor refundable.

8.Digi reserves the right to terminate, omit, change or amend the Roaming Passes and/or the governing terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

9.All and any changes or amendments to the Roaming Passes and any governing terms and conditions shall take immediate effect upon being published on Digi’s website.

10.Subscribers are liable for all roaming charges incurred. To avoid unintended charges, Subscribers are responsible to disable Roaming access on their devices.

11.Unlimited social messaging is applicable only on any chat based application. Digi will not be liable for any additional charges or losses incurred by the Subscriber as a result of using internet data for application other than chat based application.

12.Digi's standard call and internet/data roaming charges shall apply by default to:-

a.any call or internet/data roaming access or usage occurring prior to the purchase of a Roaming Pass; and

b.any call or internet/data roaming access or usage occurring after the expiry of a Roaming Pass subscription; regardless of whether such roaming access or usage was unintended, inadvertent or otherwise.


13.Roaming Passes are only valid for purchase and use in selected Participating Countries as an add-on feature to a subscriber’s Digi Prepaid/Postpaid domestic rate plan. Standard domestic charges shall continue to apply in accordance with the subscriber's Digi Prepaid/Postpaid mobile plan.

14.The use of Roaming Passes is subject to availability and terms of access of the applicable Network Operator. Digi shall not be liable for any inaccessibility, interruption, network quality or other network-related problems which may occur while roaming.

15.The Subscriber understands and accepts that during roaming, the storage, treatment and transfer of their personal data may be subject to regulations and laws which are different from those in Malaysia.

16.All terms and conditions governing a subscriber's subscription to services with Digi including the Fair Usage Policy and Privacy Statement (collectively, “Standard Terms”) shall remain applicable and binding. In the event of any conflict between the Standard Terms and the terms and conditions herein, the terms and conditions herein shall prevail to the extent of the inconsistency.



1.The pre-booking of the Roaming Pass is subject to Digi's general terms and conditions, available on Digi's website, and any other terms and conditions that you and we may have agreed to from time to time.

2This pre-booking Roaming Pass is applicable to postpaid and/or prepaid Subscriber, Principal User and/or Supplementary User.

3.The pre-booking Roaming Pass allows the Customer / Principal User and/or Supplementary User to order the Roaming Pass in advance My Digi App. This means that the Customer / Principal User and/or Supplementary User can order for any Roaming Pass which will be activated at a selected later date (the “Nominated Date”).

4.The selected pre-booked Roaming Pass is scheduled to be activated by 2.00am (Malaysia time) of the Nominated Date (the “Activation Time”). Notwithstanding the Activation Time, we recommend that you should use the international roaming service only upon receiving a SMS notification informing you that the Roaming Pass is successfully activated.

5.No charges will be credited (for postpaid service) or deducted (for prepaid service) upon the order of the relevant Roaming Pass. Charges will only be credited (for postpaid service) or deducted (for prepaid service) after the activation of the Roaming Pass on the Nominated Date.

6.In order to qualify for the pre-booking of the Roaming Pass, the Customer, Principal User and/or Supplementary User shall ensure that there is sufficient credit available (for prepaid customer) and/or there is no outstanding payment (for postpaid customer) on the date the order is made and/or prior to the Nominated Date (the “Conditions”). If the Customer, Principal User and/or Supplementary User fulfill the Conditions, SMS will be sent to the Customer, Principal User and/or Supplementary User confirming the purchase of the Roaming Pass. Notwithstanding the completion of the order made via My Digi Apps, Digi reserves the right to not activate the Roaming Pass on the Nominated Date if the Conditions are not fulfilled.