A second chance for the devices you loved, for those who need it the most.

Donate Your Old Unused Devices to Those in Need

A little kindness to enable Online learning

Enable Online Learning with A Little Kindness

For the past decade, Yellow Heart has been empowering Malaysians, especially the underserved communities, with equal access to the internet. This year, together with MYBaikHati campaign, we are taking our initiative a step further to crowdsource and donate used devices for students in need. Collected devices will be sorted accordingly for refurbishment towards donation or properly recycled as e-waste. Click here to view other social initiatives by Digi.

Join us in empowering 1200 students today

Why You Should be a Part of This


Lower Barriers of Digital Access

Lower Barriers Of Digital Access

Help us empower underserved Malaysian students with devices for remote learning 

Give your Device a Second Life

Give your Device a Second Life

Clear out your old but still usable devices, and at the same time make a difference 

A Step Towards Sustainability

A Step Towards Sustainability

Together, let’s reuse and recycle to reduce unnecessary landfill waste

How to Donate


How to Donate

To Start

Pack your used devices and include chargers if available (smartphones, tablets and laptops). 3G and featured phones will not be accepted. Check on the condition of your devices here.

How to Donate

Option 1

For those who prefer pick-up service, please register below and we will be in touch with you on the next steps.

How to Donate

Option 2

Drop off your devices at our Digi Store in Klang or Cheras. 

Pick Up Drop Off

Register Here

Sign up here and we will collect your devices right at your door step.


Device donation - Pickup

Upload (maximum 4) files not more than 2MB
Upload (maximum 4) files not more than 2MB
Upload requirements
Thank you. You will be contacted within 7 working days.